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Webinar “Exploring the potential of Telecoupling for improving European land management”

In this webinar, an invited guest researcher, Prof Prof. Cecilie Friis, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and our Europe-LAND researchers Prof. Danka Moravčíková, researcher Martina Hanová, and Prof. Alexander Fehér, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia, will explore the concept of telecoupling, an umbrella concept developed to capture the complex impacts of distant human-nature interactions. Globally, both human and natural systems are increasingly intertangled through distant processes on international levels, not just trade, migration or foreign investment but also flows of ecosystem services and species invasion, for example. These connections may result in substantial consequences, that need to be factored in when, for example, designing sustainable land use strategies. Here, the telecoupling concept offers a systemic perspective on land use changes to effectively address for example the UN’s SDGs and other global challenges, e.g.  biodiversity conservation, food, energy and water security, environmental protection as well as and human well-being.

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